Admit it or not, getting a loan with bad credit is quite a hard task to complete. Now what to do in emergencies when your credit is pulling you back from getting a loan? No worries, there are companies that will still provide you a loan no matter how bad your credit is.

So, today, we will share the top 8 companies that provide Personal Loans With Bad Credit. Let’s begin!

Companies that provide Personal Loans With Bad Credit:

Bad credit loans

Bad credit loans is an online-based platform that grants loans to people with bad credit. Their loan category includes personal loans, student loans, business loans, debt consolidation mortgages, auto loans, etc. Their offered range for loans starts from $500 to $5000.

They are usually given for a short period ranging anywhere from three months to 3 years. Furthermore, their interest rate also varies from 5.99% to 35.99%. The entire process of getting a loan is quite easy and can be done by following some simple steps, like requesting for a loan, receiving offers, and accepting loans with terms that serve you the best.


Upstart is another online lender that offers loans to people with bad credit. Their range for loans starts with as little as one thousand dollars and goes all the way up to fifty thousand dollars. Their interest rate, however, varies highly depending on the type of loan you are taking.

Nonetheless, it can be considered quite a good option for those with bad credit. In fact, people with a yearly income of less than $50,000 had a 13% higher chance of getting approved for a loan using upstart. Moreover, people aged under 25 also have a higher percentage of getting a loan due to upstarts’ high-level algorithm that uses machine learning and alternative data.


With LendingClub besides being able to take out personal loans, you can also take out business loans, auto refinancing, lines of credit as well as medical financing. Their range for unsecured personal loans is from $1,000 to $40,000. Their APRs or annual percentage rates also have a justifiable price.

To qualify you will require origination fees along with, at least, fair to excellent credit. This means that you cannot qualify if you have bad credit and/or have approval for a loan that has a high-interest rate besides high origination fees. In that case, it’s better to look for another type of loan.


Upgrade’s range for personal loans goes all the way up from $1,000 to $50,000 to the borrowers that have fair to excellent credit. You can apply for it online and you will get your funding and approval within four days. The upgrade is also very accessible to borrowers since the required credit score is only 620.

They deduct about 1.5% to 6% from your loan as a one-time origination fee. Another downfall besides the origination fee is that they don’t allow co-signers. This means that if you cannot get approved by yourself, you might be in need of a lender who has even worse credit requirements or one that will allow co-signers.


For LendingPoint you can get qualified even if your credit score isn’t the best looking. You can get fast funding within the next working day, and reasonably low loan amounts. They have no prepayment penalties, meaning that regardless of your APR you can save up on interest costs by repaying your loan early. You wouldn’t have to pay extra fees to do so.

However, they do not allow joint loans, meaning that you cannot have a co-signer even if your credit score is below average and need to up your credit game. LendingPoint also has a maximum of 35.99% APR, which is mostly given to the ones with the poorest credit. This will increase the monthly payment by a lot so be careful when applying. Finally, the lending periods are very short; only up to 24 to 48 months.


Avant is for borrowers that don’t have the best credit score and so the minimum qualifying credit score is as low as 580. Once you have applied, they will give you fast funding, usually by the next business day. However, you cannot qualify if your credit is damaged.

The range of its personal loans starts from $2,000 and goes up to $35,000. This is actually an impressive range since the company is online-based. Avant also has an app for mobiles to help you keep track of your loans as well as payments.

Like most other online platforms for lending, Avant does not allow co-signers. The APR of Avant is also fairly high and they will charge you an extra fee for late payment, dishonored payment, and administration.

TD Bank

You can get secured loans at TD bank. Their target audience is people with good credit or ones who are trying to grow their credit. They offer you three types of loans, which include one for fast funding, one for insecure, and the other for security. They also have low APRs to add to the mix. TD Bank has retail stores in 15 states along with Washington D.C.

The problems are that you need to have a higher credit score for this bank since the minimum requirement is 700 and also that you need to visit a store to sign any paperwork that has to be done.

OneMain Financial:

If you have bad credit, OneMain can be a great option for getting a loan as it does not need a minimum credit score in order to get loans. Instead of that, it evaluates the applicator’s ability to repay, the stability of his credit, etc to approve a loan.

However, the loans can be costlier compared to other similar online platforms, with their interest ranging from 18% to 35.99%. Their minimum loan amount starts from $1000 and the maximum amount they approve is $50,000.

Final words

That’s all for today. We hope you can leave a sigh of relief even if you have bad credit with an emergency loan need. All these companies are best known for giving Personal Loans With Bad Credit. So, if you seek your loan from any of these companies, you will be highly benefited.

In the end, we are delighted that these are the best supportive loans that you can receive in your bad times. Hopefully, you can use these for the betterment. Good luck!